Investment Writer

Vontobel delivers investment expertise via our unique multi-boutique structure. We are an investment-led firm – and this means displaying investment integrity in everything we do. Our focus is on delivering future-proof investment solutions to investors. Our inherent “raison d’être” is to deliver outperformance to all our clients.

Your opportunity...

In the investment writer role, you will be part of Vontobel’s Investment Content team, which is responsible for delivering enthralling content that leverages the wealth of knowledge and expertise of Vontobel’s over 300 investment professionals across six investment boutiques: Conviction Equities, Quality Growth, Fixed Income, TwentyFour Asset Management, Vontobel Multi Asset, and Vescore. This diversity of thought and perspective fosters debate and analysis, empowering investors and providing rich input for content creation.

Your focus will be on creating content that spans the whole brand awareness spectrum, from fostering the outside perception of Vontobel through high-level strategic messaging to empowering investors to better consider macro- and asset-class developments, and encouraging investors’ decisions through delivering con-tent to support our sales teams.


You are someone who…

  • intuitively grasps the importance of a holistic content framework that spans the entire spectrum of brand awareness and marketing deliverables.
  • has gumption: you are not afraid to push back when needed and stand for exceptional quality.
  • is business-savvy: you’re a stickler for details and perfection – yet you keep the big-picture in mind and know when to take a pragmatic approach in support of business goals.
  • is a team player and happy to roll up your sleeves and pitch in where needed: you foster internal relationships and enjoy collaborating across teams to achieve a common goal.
  • keeps up to date: you have enthusiasm for investment and related themes, with sufficient depth to engage a portfolio manager in serious conversation, you are also aware of competitor activities and regularly benchmark your own output against best-in-class peers to identify improvements, and you stay on top of the latest economic and news impacting financial markets.

Your skills include…

  • distilling clear messaging for defined audiences, including private clients with limited knowledge in finance, and packaging it across multi-format content deliverables which go beyond writing.
  • deeply cultivated writing with a passion for producing exceptional texts (storytelling), providing clarity, bringing across complex investment-related concepts in a compelling and engaging style, and commanding all types of financial marketing/communications writing (short or long form, by-liners for media, social media posts, client emails, product-specific collateral, etc.).
  • knowing the financial sector, thanks to your experience, and understanding the differences in writing for professional or private investors in various regions, along with the associated legal and compliance considerations.
  • driving engagement in content along the whole client journey, including working closely with the digital teams to optimize accessibility and visibility of content.
  • navigating uncertainty gracefully and flexibly: uniting different stakeholders to craft key messaging and ensure consistency, even under deadline pressure, and juggling your workload and priorities according to business needs.
  • managing the various stakeholders: cultivating effective relationships at all levels of the organization – from senior management to design, digital, and compliance teams – and using them to rapidly converge and build consensus around your work.
  • managing your housekeeping tasks with ease: understanding the compliance requirements of the investment industry, managing processes and workflows across stakeholders, and handling translation, proofreading, and editing processes across multiple languages, even if you do not speak all of them yourself.

You are equipped with…

  • degree-level education: you master writing in English on a par with top-class business magazines and are used to working in a fast-moving, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual environment.
  • job experience in writing, marketing, PR, or similar at a leading asset manager or media company – experience in other industries is welcome, but you must come with deep enthusiasm for investment and a proven ability to learn rapidly.
  • a writing portfolio of collateral spanning the entire spectrum of brand awareness and marketing deliverables.


Vielen Dank für Ihre Bewerbung bei Vontobel. Wir werden Ihre Bewerbung sorgfältig prüfen und Ihnen zeitnah eine Antwort zukommen lassen.

Vontobel ist ein Unternehmen, das Chancengleichheit fördert. Wir setzen uns für Chancengleichheit bei der Beschäftigung ein, unabhängig von Rasse, Hautfarbe, Abstammung, Religion, Geschlecht, nationaler Herkunft, sexueller Orientierung, Alter, Staatsbürgerschaft, Familienstand, körperlicher Einschränkungen oder Geschlechtsidentität.
Wir schätzen unterschiedliche Sichtweisen innerhalb unserer Teams und sind bestrebt, ein Umfeld zu schaffen, in dem jeder, der Teil unserer Leistungskultur sein möchte, sich selbst verwirklichen kann. Sie basiert auf gegenseitigem Respekt und null Toleranz gegenüber jeglicher Form von Diskriminierung.

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