Shareholder structure

The 'one share – one vote' principle applies at Vontobel. A single share class was therefore created back in 2001. In addition, Vontobel does not make use of a legally permitted 'opting up' or 'opting out' clause.

The majority of votes and capital are held by the Vontobel families, 50.9% of the votes and capital are tied in the shareholder pooling agreement:

Shareholder structure


Shareholder pooling agreement

The pool consists of a core shareholder pool and an extended shareholder pool that will combine a total of 50.9% of votes. 44.5% of votes are tied in the core pool, for which the earliest possible date of termination is the end of 2026.

The extended pool was concluded for an indefinite period of time and grants the other shareholders in the pool a right of pre-emption in the event that any member of the pool may want to sell its shareholding.

Overview of shareholder pool members:

  • Vontobel Foundation
  • Pellegrinus Holding AG
  • Vontrust AG
  • Advontes AG
  • Further shares of family members in the extended pooling agreement


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