Principles and policies

Sustainability is a permanent endeavor. That’s why Vontobel makes a long-term commitment to continuously improving its sustainable business management in all divisions.

  • Our sustainability principles

    Our 10 sustainability principles define our understanding of corporate responsibility and form the basis for our measures in social and environmental sustainability.

    Sustainability Principles (PDF)

  • Our Sustainability Committee

    Vontobel is committed to continuously improving its sustainability efforts. To support and coordinate these efforts, the Sustainability Committee formulates the sustainability strategy and sets specific objectives on the basis of the sustainability principles.

    Sustainability Committee (PDF)

  • Our Code of Conduct

    The Code of Conduct summarizes the principles and practices that define the way Vontobel does business. As part of it, we undertake to act ethically, responsibly and with integrity toward our clients, shareholders, employees, business partners, authorities and the general public.

    Code of Conduct (PDF)



Our Sustainability Signature Story

Read all about the history of sustainability at Vontobel:


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Corporate Sustainability Manager