Principles and policies

Sustainability is a permanent endeavor. That’s why Vontobel makes a long-term commitment to continuously improving its sustainable business management in all divisions.

  • Sustainable investing and transparency

    Learn more about our principles around sustainable investing. The principle adverse impact statement (PAI) explains how we integrate sustainability factors at product and entity level in our investment process. Further disclosures under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) can be found here:

    SFDR - Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

    Sustainable Investing and Advisory policy

    PAI Statement

  • Our Code of Conduct

    The Code of Conduct summarizes the principles and practices that define the way Vontobel does business. As part of it, we undertake to act ethically, responsibly and with integrity toward our clients, shareholders, employees, business partners, authorities and the general public.

    Code of Conduct (PDF)

  • Our guidelines on cluster bombs and landmines

    No investment in controversial weapons

    Cluster bombs and landmines are banned by international convention. In 2012, Vontobel approved a Group-wide guideline that prohibits investment in companies that manufacture these types of arms.

    Vontobel guidelines on cluster bombs and landmines (PDF)

  • Voting and engagement

    We actively exercise voting rights for all sustainable and themed Vontobel funds. Furthermore, we maintain an active dialog with all companies in which the funds invest. In order to implement the exercise of voting rights and corporate dialog, Vontobel works with Hermes EOS (HEOS), a leading service provider in this field.

    In our report on Voting & Engagement, we regularly disclose how the voting rights for the themed products are exercised. We also provide examples of the ongoing dialog with companies.

    Find out more

  • Our Sustainable Purchasing Policy

    High environmental and social standards are very important to Vontobel we expect the same of our business partners. Further details are set out in “Vontobel’s Sustainable Purchasing Policy.” They form part of Vontobel’s General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

    Guidelines for sustainable procurement (PDF)



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