Our commitment to social sustainability

Responsibility as part of Vontobel’s identity

Vontobel is aware of its corporate responsibility. It is an integral part of our corporate culture and identity. This also includes responsibility for the welfare, cohesion and stability of the societies in which we work.


Our responsibility as an employer:

Vontobel is an employer with a strong sense of responsibility. We value the skills and expertise of our employees, considering them crucial to our long-term success. That’s why we foster an inclusive work environment, support our teams with their training and development and care about their work-life balance.

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How we serve communities:

  • Member of the Corporate Support Group of ICRC
  • Supporter of the Munich Security Conference
  • Initiative for modern art: Contemporary photography at Vontobel

Our commitment to the community



Future Day at Vontobel

Since 2007, Vontobel has been participating in National Future Day, when companies throughout Switzerland open their doors to children.



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Christian Schilz

Head Corporate Responsibility