Our responsibility as an employer

Options to support and relieve employees

Vontobel is an employer with a strong sense of responsibility. In addition, we believe that the skills and expertise of our employees are vital to the long-term success of our company. That’s why we prioritize the issues of training and development, health and wellbeing, and work-life balance.


Supporting a healthy work-life balance

Vontobel’s social benefits go beyond the statutory minimum for both maternity and paternity leave. We help our employees to organize childcare and we offer part-time working arrangements for employees, including management, wherever possible.

Since 2016, all staff have had the option of purchasing 10 days of additional holiday.

Member of kcc group (globegarden)

We have joined the kcc group (globegarden), which offers families complete childcare solutions.

Promotion of health and wellbeing

The active promotion of employee health and wellbeing is very important to Vontobel. The staff restaurant at our head office serves healthy meals every day. Employees regularly meet up to train together at the various sports clubs. And we take healthcare aspects into account when equipping the workspaces, such as height-adjustable desks.

Training and development

Vontobel offers a wide range of training and development opportunities. Thanks to a broad range of attractive apprenticeship positions, young people can embark on a career in our industry in an exciting environment. Senior managers at Vontobel are able to participate in the “SeitenWechsel” program, which enables them to spend a week at a social institution and discover a completely new working environment.

Diversity & inclusion

In our approach to the topics of diversity and inclusion, we have defined three focus areas: gender, nationality and demographics. Our aim is to steadily increase the number of women at senior management level, promote a balanced age mix and ensure that the composition of our workforce reflects our target markets without loss of our “Swissness”.

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