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deritrade® is our global-leading multi-issuer platform for designing and issuing bespoke structured products. We bundle together our comprehensive services for financial services providers and insurance companies on deritrade® MIP, thus underscoring our position as the technology leader in the platform business.

Vontobel’s digital platform deritrade® MIP brings together buyers and sellers of bespoke financial products. deritrade® MIP works strictly on a best-execution basis, offering you as a professional financial services provider the opportunity of independently creating bespoke investment solutions for your clients in real time, and even interactively during consultations.

deritrade® MIP allows professional financial services providers to swiftly select and issue a new structured product, so you can respond quickly and flexibly to the individual needs of your clients. This means you can harness interesting trends and profit from opportunities that arise on the market.


Platform Partners (White Labelling) – benefiting third parties as well

As a pioneer in the digitalization of the entire value chain in the structured products market, we are opening up deritrade® for third parties as well. Our expertise and cost leadership are now also being made available to partners from the insurance and financial industry, creating a comprehensive front-to-end offering for you.

Unlike traditional solutions in the market, we offer you a MiFID-compliant open-architecture approach covering all product components for White Labelling 2.0, allowing you to apply the best-price principle to the purchase of all investment components.

With this new approach, you as our platform partner can generate substantial added value for yourself and for your clients. We are now also making open deritrade® available to you for white labelling, which will allow you as our platform partner to source the option components from all 14 investment banks. The price transparency this offers will give you an immediate competitive advantage when it comes to sourcing costs.

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