Our daily life usually calms down around Christmas, and many of us would welcome a break after a couple of hectic months. But the financial markets aren’t exactly at ease going into 2022.

Inflation still is the talk of the town – except in Switzerland, where there is hardly any price pressure to speak of thanks to the strengthening tendency in the Swiss franc. Stagflation is another concern, albeit not part of our scenario. We believe that economic growth will be strong enough to avoid stagflation, and expect inflation to moderate in 2022.



How should investors position themselves in such an environment? This depends on your perspective and your asset class. Are you focused on developed market equities, or are you a fixed-income investor, maybe exploring more exotic shores via emerging-market paper? Do you think a multi-asset portfolio is right for you? The more you consider all the different perspectives, the more you can be sure to make the right decision for your investments.


See what our experts have to say about the outlook for 2022.


Uncertain times require combined predictive brain power

Who would have thought two years ago that the world would soon be in thrall to a pandemic? Knowing full well that forecasts are never accurate, predicting future developments is our daily bread. Where will the economy go next year, and will markets continue to scale vertiginous highs? Four investment experts from various Vontobel departments try to lift the veil on 2022.





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