Our commitment to the community

Projects to promote stability and development

As an employer, taxpayer and active participant in economic life, we help to drive regional value creation at our locations. We are also committed to topics and projects that are relevant to the stability and development of the communities.

We have defined clear criteria to serve as guidance in the assessment of sponsorship and social commitments.

Member of the Corporate Support Group of ICRC

Vontobel is a member of the Corporate Support Group, established by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and selected Swiss companies. Thanks to this innovative, long-term partnership, we will be able to provide continuous and efficient humanitarian aid worldwide over the coming years. As part of this partnership, we are launching an internal fundraising initiative for the benefit of the ICRC both in November and December.


Peter Maurer, President ICRC, about the importance of the Corporate Support Group and the changing role of the ICRC in light of globally ongoing conflicts.


Exclusive partner of the History Laboratory

Vontobel is the exclusive partner of the History Laboratory, a project of the Swiss National Museum. In this world of growing complexity, our everyday life is marked by diversity and variety. With its "History Laboratory" project, the Swiss National Museum addresses the increasing diversity in society. The participating students delve into their past, searching for their own identity. In this context, they focus on questions such as: Where do I come from? Where does my family come from? What kind of society do I live in? How do people in Switzerland live alongside each other? How has Switzerland developed into the country I now live in? Vontobel is supporting the History Laboratory as exclusive partner.

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Supporter of the Munich Security Conference

Vontobel is a supporter of the internationally renowned Munich Security Conference (MSC). The MSC's objective is to build trust and to contribute to the peaceful resolution of conflicts by sustaining a continuous, curated and informal dialogue within the international security community. It offers protected space for informal meetings between officials and thus – as its original motto has it – build peace through dialogue.


Stake in responsAbility

Vontobel holds a stake in responsAbility, a specialist in social investment and microfinance. responsAbility is a leading provider of microfinance funds and other innovative financial products.

Stake in fintech bank and specialist support

The Swiss financial provider pintail gives people from countries with underdeveloped financial systems access to comprehensive financial services. The platform is used exclusively via mobile telephony; for example, it enables migrant workers from emerging and developing countries to make payment transactions at a fraction of today’s transfer costs. Vontobel has a financial stake in pintail and offers specialist support.


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Christian Schilz

Head of Corporate Responsibility & Sponsoring