Product Issuer

As an issuer of structured products, we understand what it takes to deliver quality products and solutions to the clients in a timely manner. We help other issuers deliver the same quality via deritrade® multi issuer platform which is available for our business associates in the Asian region.

deritrade® MIP allows a product issuer to:

  • reach out to private banks and external asset managers (holders of a CMS licence) at the point of sale (relationship manager / client advisor level)
  • optimise sales and marketing costs while being in control of its products
  • connect via a single connection and cover multiple clients (one-to-many), further saving IT costs
  • receive real-time pricing feedback to optimise its trading positions

Create your own tailor-made investment product

deritrade is one of the globally leading multi-issuer platforms for designing and issuing bespoke structured products. Designed as an open-architecture marketplace, deritrade connects buyers and sellers of custom-made financial products. As a professional financial services provider or – in some countries – as a private investor, deritrade offers you the opportunity of creating customized investment products in real-time.


Key advantages with our multi-issuer platform deritrade:

1. Optimize investment performance

deritrade is designed to optimize the investment performance of our clients. Thanks to its sophisticated technology, our multi-issuer platform facilitates the easy design and issuance of bespoke structured products. deritrade offers access to a large selection of structured product categories and underlyings. Investments start at CHF 20'000 or equivalent.

2. Compare prices of structured products in real-time

deritrade enables professional financial services providers to genuinely compare prices of structured products between different providers in real-time. To find the best product price, deritrade allows a swift comparison amongst up to six different suppliers, thereby providing a big price transparency.

3. Risk and compliance checks included

deritrade offers integrated risk- and compliance-checks over the full product range and life-cycle. deritrade also ensures that all processes remain compliant irrespective of evolving regulations.

4. Modern interface for the client journey

With deritrade, professional financial services providers can automate the entire value-chain and improve the client journey considerably. Our smooth, cutting-edge technology operates as a fully integrated one-stop shop. The straight-through-processing logic enables relationship managers to retrieve prices and create structured products at the point-of-sales – all within seconds.


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