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Digitalization, climate change and shifting consumer behavior are only a few of the major structural trends which emerged from environmental, demographic, behavioral and socio-economic developments and have a lasting impact on our private lives and businesses. The businesses that adapt and thrive will be the winners. Anticipating and taking advantage of such shifts and to identify their future structural winners of tomorrow is the main objective of our thematic investing strategies.






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Thematic Investing are topics that move the world - and the markets. We support you in turning your favorite themes into more than just an affair of the heart: namely, an opportunity to beat the market. Learn how you can systematically integrate “Thematics” into your portfolio.

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Our thematic approach aims to identify powerful structural trends and tomorrow’s market leaders in those areas of growth. Our impact approach invests in businesses that aim to solve social and environmental problems and thus make a measurable, positive impact.

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Investing in a trend before the crowd catches on can be especially crucial. Our Structures Products provide access to a broad array of markets, trends, and themes.

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