The global financial markets reflect what moves society, whether in economics, politics or technology. Financial markets often even anticipate events. As a global investment company, we analyze trends and are quick to develop investment ideas for our clients.

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Tread softly and carry a big umbrella

When will the global pandemic come to an end? What will happen to inflation? Will “tapering” lead to a “tantrum”? While these are some of the big and difficult questions swarming around investors’ minds today, we think investors should focus on what’s essential and be wary of what’s in favor – for example, the recent rallies in growth and value stocks.

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5 reasons to focus on China’s A-shares

We often focus on noisy news rather than on long-term major trends. Volatility caused by short-term market reactions can create opportunities. China is such a case where recent news have been dominating investors’ attention. However, we believe there are five reasons to consider China a land rich in investment opportunities.

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