Brexit Miniseries: Vacationing in England after Brexit

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19.03.2019 Reading time: 1 minute(s)

Whether booking a weekend trip to London or a tour of Southern England, vacationers are still in the dark on a few things if Brexit becomes a reality.


Will the vacation be cheaper or more expensive after Brexit? The British pound has steadily lost value since the Brexit vote. Although the pound has made significant gains in recent days, a lot of water will pass under London Bridge before the final exit on March 29 or the end of June (if the EU approves the extension).

Driver’s license

Do I have to have apply for an international driver’s license for my trip to England? Probably not. The assumption is that an EU or Swiss driver’s license will still be recognized on the island.


Can I still use the self-service terminals at the airport? We believe so. If only to save personnel costs, the authorities want to stick with standard practice and are working towards an agreement on this point with the European Union.




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