“Credit markets will lead the recovery” — live stream #8

Livestreams, Coronavirus, Geopolitics
30.04.2020 Reading time: 1 minute(s)

Mark Holman, Chief Executive Officer TwentyFour Asset Management and portfolio manager, answers questions from our live stream audience

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about perhaps the greatest – and fastest – repricing of risk fixed income investors have ever witnessed. Learn, why central banks might be the major investors in longer dated government bonds for years to come. And what options investors do have if government bonds are becoming risk-free, virtually volatility-free – and return-free, too.

What to expect in this replay: Analysis of the fixed income markets, and comments on sectors to avoid resp. embrace. © Vontobel, recording from April 30, 2020, 1 p.m.

7 key questions at a glance:

  • When is the best entry point for Fixed Income?
  • Public debt is increasing everywhere. What is happening in Europe?
  • Will the FED buy US corporates?
  • What is the impact on sovereign debt in emerging markets, such as in Brazil?
  • Active vs. passive liquidity: What is the best way to invest into fixed income?
  • Which sector should be embraced by fixed income investors? And which not?
  • There is a wide bid-ask-spread in the bond market. Is this going to remain in the long-term?










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