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27.07.2018 by Dan Scott Reading time: 2 minute(s)

Despite the move toward digitization, nutrition and physical activity – the cornerstones of a healthy life – remain unchanged. In modern society, health is no longer an end in itself but a lifestyle choice. This creates new opportunities for a wide variety of economic sectors.

Leading a healthy life is not a new goal. We have known for a long time that a balanced diet and ample physical activity are good for us. But with increasing prosperity and the pursuit of self-realization, the complementary triad of body, beauty, and health have become a status symbol. The renewed desire for a healthy life has triggered a health boom, which can be summarized under the term “Healthy Living.”

Sensitization in many areas

There is no conclusive definition of “Healthy Living.” From a business perspective, however, it refers to “products and services for a healthy and individual lifestyle.” What this lifestyle comprises for any given individual is difficult to condense. For some people, Healthy Living means eating organic food that comes with a proof of origin, combined with a positive attitude toward life. Others associate it with using a fitness app on their smartwatch to track and measure their own physical activities and performance, and taking dietary supplements in tablet form.

Either way, the ever-increasing awareness of a healthier lifestyle is providing a foundation for economic growth even in sectors you would not associate with this trend at first glance – for example, software companies, farming operations, wellness or travel companies.

Source: FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

The increased awareness and greater understanding of health is not merely a consumer-driven trend. With the increase in chronic lifestyle diseases and health-related costs borne by the public, Healthy Living also plays a role in healthcare. With the aim of reducing individual disabilities and reducing social costs, products and services addressing preventive care and curative treatments are on the increase.

Source: Statista

Healthy Living is therefore more than just a consumer trend. As a lifestyle, the holistic notion of “health” satisfies social needs as well as individual ones.

People are paying more to be healthy

The breadth of the sectors involved in the health boom is enormous. Changed consumer behavior is creating interesting opportunities for companies. After all, consumers are willing to dig deeper into their pockets for sustainably produced foods and environmentally compatible leisure activities, as well as the associated equipment or natural care products.

If you want to invest in relevant companies or industries, you should keep in mind a common interest in investments and a healthy life: shooting from the hip usually does not lead to the desired result. A long-term commitment, on the other hand, makes it possible to work towards the goal with well-thought-out steps.


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