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07.04.2020 Reading time: 1 minute(s)

Our experts Michael Haupt, Senior Advisor Investment Strategies, and Thomas Rappold, Investment Advisor, explain who benefits from the trend towards more home office and answer questions from the livestream audience

Millions of employees are working from home during the coronavirus crisis. This requires digital infrastructure which now benefits those who already have solutions set up. Vontobel has combined the potentially most promising companies in one basket.

Michael Haupt, Vontobel Senior Advisor Investment Strategies and Thomas Rappold, Investment Advisor, entrepreneur und author («Silicon Valley Investing»), present the home office basket and answer questions from the livestream viewers on the basket composition and on individual stocks.

40 minutes presentation on home office basket with questions from the live chat. © Vontobel, recording on April 7,  2020, 10 am.














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