“Smart diversification is your antidote in uncertain times“ — live stream #11

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20.05.2020 Reading time: 1 minute(s)

Thomas Petschnigg, Senior Investment Manager at Vontobel Wealth Management, explains “smart diversification” and answers questions from the live stream audience

Fortunately, not all asset classes are affected to the same extent during crisis like these. Learn, why “smart diversification” allows you to stay invested even when the risk of a recession becomes top of mind – and with it the risk of panic selling.

5 key questions at a glance:

  • What does it mean to long term investors to regularly face risks of adverse “unknowns” ? What do they all have in common whether they are of economic or non-economic nature?
  • How did annual returns of key asset classes like “money market”, “sovereign bonds”, “corporate bonds”, or “gold” perform since 2004? And what can long term investors learn from this performance?
  • How has smart diversification helped to soften portfolio drawdown and volatility in the last few months?
  • Why is staying invested a prerequisite for a favorable long-term investment outcome?
  • And how can it lead to absolute positive returns in the long run despite regular negative event risks and recessions?


What to expect in this 30' replay video: Follow a Q&A session on “successful investing in uncertain times” with Thomas Petschnigg, Senior Investment Manager at Vontobel Wealth Management. © Vontobel, recorded on May 20th, 2020, 2 p.m.









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