Sustainability related disclosures

(according to «EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation»)

Overview of investment management mandates classified in accordance with Article 8 of the “EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation”

  • Vontobel Conviction with the "Mitigation of negative effects" ESG Strategy; Vontobel Conviction Sustainable
  • Vontobel Custom Plus with the "Mitigation of negative effects" ESG Strategy; Vontobel Custom Plus Sustainable
  • Vontobel Specials Swiss Equities
  • Vontobel Specials European Equities
  • Vontobel Specials Global Equities
  • Vontobel Specials Global Dividend Achievers Accumulating / Distributing
  • Vontobel Specials Global Bonds
  • volt invest
  • volt 3a

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01.05.2024 Nachhaltigkeitsbezogene Offenlegungen Download

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