Senior Trading System Engineer

Are you passionate about computer science? Do you have experience with trading systems? We are looking for a senior Trading System Engineer to join Vontobel Structured Products team.

Within the Vontobel Center of Excellence ‘Structured Products’, we issue hundreds of thousands of financial products every year. Our trading department quotes these products at 12 exchanges in Europe and Asia with leading market shares. We are successful in what we do and our competition in this business are the tier 1 banks.

Your opportunity

This position resides in the team that is responsible for the software, T01, used to market make these products. T01 is an in-house developed low latency software tailor made to our business requirements. Of particular importance is providing a system that enables a single trader to quote in the order of 20’000 products at multiple exchanges simultaneously. In effect, this means keeping tight competitive spreads without giving up business to arbitrage firms.

T01 is written in C++ and has native trading, quoting and market data interfaces to several exchanges. It offers state of the art automated quoting and hedging functionality and is co-located at exchanges where ultra-low latency is a necessity.

Our team develops, operates and supports T01. We have a constant dialogue with the trading department, jointly working on improvements and optimizations. We also cooperate closely with server and network teams to achieve highest possible performance. The scope of what our team does is very wide and as a general rule of thumb of very high complexity.

The position offers a unique opportunity to work with a state of the art low latency market making system with global reach.

Key responsibilities:

  • Management of all aspects of the Vontobel market making environment
  • Requirements engineering in cooperation with the trading department
  • Ownership and responsibility for selected processes, software components and interfaces
  • Development of software facilitating all activities associated with market making


You bring

  • M.Sc in computer science, mathematics or equivalent
  • Experience from a front office development team within a financial institute and/or from a financial software vendor.
  • Solid Python skills
  • Exceptional problem solving willingness and skills
  • In-depth knowledge of financial markets
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Very good written and spoken English


Thank you for the time to consider Vontobel. We appreciate you taking the time to submit your application. Our Talent Acquisition team will carefully assess your application and will respond to you in a timely manner.

If you have any question you can contact us through our contact form.



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