J.P. Morgan to become seventh issuer on deritrade® Multi Issuer Platform – Further strengthening the position of deritrade® MIP as the leading platform for tailor-made structured products

Media Release 6/25/2015
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J.P. Morgan will issue structured products on Vontobel’s deritrade® Multi Issuer Platform (deritrade® MIP), further enriching the offering on the leading platform for tailor-made structured products.


With J.P. Morgan joining, the rapid expansion of deritrade® MIP as the leading platform for structured products is continuing. The six issuers already participating – UBS, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Société Générale, Vontobel and ZKB – represent more than 70% of the exchange-traded volume of structured products in Switzerland. The combined pricing power of these seven leading providers of structured products on deritrade® MIP creates a compelling client offering for Private Banks and External Asset Managers in Switzerland. This is reflected by the fast growing number of deritrade users on the platform.


deritrade® MIP is a unique platform that brings together the products and prices of the key providers in the market, offering them transparency on a centralized, high-tech platform and ensuring comparability. A simple web-based solution opens up new opportunities for client advisors, who can create tailor-made structured products in a matter of seconds while having a maximum price transparency at the same time.


"Multi Issuer Platforms create value for clients through their ability to customize products and efficiently source prices from a selection of issuers. The automation of the value chain relating to structured products helps further increase efficiency and drive growth." said Nick Mihic, Head of Distribution for Switzerland, Germany and Austria at J.P. Morgan.


"deritrade® MIP is already the leading platform for investors and providers of tailor-made structured products," said Roger Studer, Head of Vontobel Investment Banking, commenting on the new addition. "We have succeeded in establishing an industry standard that addresses core needs such as price transparency and client benefits, while at the same time taking into account the mounting pressure in the financial sector with regard to costs and efficiency," he added.



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