Regulatory authorities approve the new, long-term and more professionalized shareholder structure of the Vontobel and de la Cour families announced in November 2016

Media Release 8/23/2017
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On 22 November 2016, Vontobel announced that in the course of the succession to the estate of Dr. Hans Vontobel, the Vontobel and de la Cour families were further professionalizing the management of their participations in Vontobel Holding AG and renewing and strengthening their commitment to the company. The corresponding agreements, which were subject to regulatory approval, were signed on 21 November 2016. After obtaining all approvals of the relevant regulatory authorities the restructuring of the shareholder base has been completed.


As part of the restructuring, a follow-up shareholder pool was created, consisting of a core shareholder pool and an extended shareholder pool that will combine a total of 50.7% of votes.
43.9% of votes are tied in the core pool, for which the earliest possible date of termination is the end of 2026. The earliest possible date of termination for the old shareholder pooling agreement would have been the end of 2018. The extended pool was concluded for an indefinite period of time and grants the other shareholders in the pool a right of pre-emption in the event that any member of the pool may want to sell its shareholding.



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