Vontobel enters the Danish market for leveraged products, driving forward its targeted expansion in Europe

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1/18/2019 Reading time: 4 minute(s)

Today Vontobel will launch a range of leverage products in the Danish Market Segment at Nordic Growth Market in Stockholm, a growing market for leveraged products in the Nordics. The initial product offering consists of a comprehensive portfolio of constant leverage certificates. It will be continuously extended in the next few weeks, including the launch of a tracker-certificate on Bitcoin. By entering the Danish market for leveraged products, Vontobel is expanding its presence in the European structured products market as well as its footprint in the Nordics.

The family-controlled and more than 90 years old Swiss Bank Vontobel, one of the leaders in the structured products market in Europe, has made its debut in Denmark by listing constant leverage certificates (Bull & Bear-Certificates) at Nordic Growth Market. In a few weeks, Vontobel will also issue a tracker-certificate on Bitcoin. The initial product offering will be continuously extended according to market development and client request – enabling private and institutional investors in Denmark to execute individual trading strategies in accordance with their individual risk profiles. Leverage products are suitable for rising or falling markets and can also be used for portfolio hedging. These financial instruments enable investors to activley trade a broad bunge of markets in a bull as well as a bear scenario. The more risk-averse equity investor uses these products for portfolio protection.

Bank Vontobel Europe AG, the Munich based subsidiary of the Swiss Vontobel Holding AG, will be responsible for the distribution, quoting and trading of the leverage products. The issuer is Vontobel Financial Products GmbH in Frankfurt. Vontobel will initially offer a broad range of bull & bear certificates which account for more than 85% of the Danish market. Additionally, Vontobel will also offer a tracker-certificate on Bitcoin soon, which allows Danish investors to trade Bitcoin like a regular security on their local exchange. The tracker enables Danish investors to add Bitcoin as a bankable asset to their portfolios. As a growing market, Denmark is a substantial opportunity for the European expansion of Vontobel's structured products business.

"Developing and selling structured products is at the heart of Vontobel's DNA. We have 30 years of experience in this sector. Investors can rely on its strong know-how, successful platform strategy, market making experience for retail structured products as well as on its well-known agility and fast-growing expansion on various European markets. Its integrated trading environment as well as cost-efficient processes and innovative platforms are a key factor of its European success." explained Roger Studer, Head of Vontobel Investment Banking, who also serves as a Vice President of the European Structured Investment Products Association (Eusipa).

Stefan Armbruster, Member of the Board at Bank Vontobel Europe AG, commented: "Our core capabilities reflect the demand of the Danish market in terms of the client requirements for leverage products – especially a transparent, competitive and liquid market for constant leverage certificates. Our initial range mainly consists of constant leverage certificates on the leading Danish and US indices and equities as well as a broad range of currencies and commodities. Our offering is comprehensive: not only do we provide market access and liquidity for private and institutional investors, but also strong market-making capabilities and the accuracy of Swiss quality. Vontobel plans to continuously expand this offering in the coming months."

Vontobel is one of the leading issuers of structured products in Europe. In 2018 it ranked top 1 in Switzerland with a market share of 30.6% and top 6 with a market share of 6.6% in Germany. In the last four years, Vontobel successfully entered the Swedish, Finnish, Italian, French and Dutch markets, where it soon ranked in the top 5. In 2017 Vontobel also entered successfully the Hong Kong market for leverage products. Vontobel is committed to pursuing its growth strategy in other global markets.


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