Vontobel Launches Listed Structured Products on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Media Release 9/5/2017
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  • Vontobel issued its first batch of ten listed structured products on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Marks further expansion of Asia footprint, with plans to launch a broader suite of products in Hong Kong
  • A leading structured products issuer with over 25% market share in Switzerland and 10% market share in Europe

f.l.t.r.: Florence Hiu Man Ip, Urs Pfister, Roger Studer, Simon Sai Kuen Yung

Vontobel Financial Products has launched its first ten listed structured products on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. On the first day of trading, the two warrants listed were among the top traded already. In the coming 12 months, 300 to 400 warrants and Callable Bull Bear Contracts (“CBBCs”) shall be launched, covering all popular underlyings. The product range will be expanded over time to include products on oversea stocks, commodities, Forex, and other structured products in the near future. Vontobel combines its 30+ years of structured products expertise as one of Europe’s leading issuers and is keen to bring over its expertise through its highly experienced local team to Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s market for listed structured products continues to experience sustained growth and investor demand. Vontobel plans to leverage its comprehensive product suite in Europe to build upon and expand this initial product launch in Hong Kong with plans to add new products in the future.


Simon Yung, Head of Public Distribution at Vontobel in Hong Kong, commented: “Hong Kong is the biggest market globally for leveraged products in terms of trading volume and the percentage of total market turnover. It has one of the most active and, arguably, sophisticated retail investor bases with a big appetite for leveraged products. We have seen a lot of demand for such listed structured products due to their low transaction fees, variety of exposures and access to liquidity. We have started with these products having seen a lot of investor demand for these products in recent years. This is an exciting time for Vontobel participate in the market and we look forward to launching more products soon, including CBBCs.”


“We will have a very active role in educating Hong Kong’s investors on these types of products since these ‘high reward’ products also inherently carry risk. At the same time, we will bring new and innovative products to Hong Kong by leveraging the deep experience of our global team,” added Simon Yung. Vontobel’s experienced team will follow a high performance market making approach from European markets to achieve a high standard of liquidity provision.


Vontobel is one of the world’s leading providers of structured investment products and leveraged products in sophisticated and mature markets for structured products in Europe. In its home market Switzerland, Vontobel is one of the leaders in this business, with a market share of 26% and 9% in Germany. Following the successful entry in the Nordic market in 2015, Vontobel began distributing leveraged products in Italy in May 2016, where it was offering the broadest range of products for factor certificates only four weeks after its market entry. In January 2017, Vontobel made its market debut in the Netherlands and France, increasing its overall European footprint to 10%.


Roger Studer, Head of Vontobel Investment Banking, further commented: “We would like to play a key role in introducing new structured products which allow investors to have choices of different level of leverage and variety of payoffs. With the market entry in Hong Kong, we reaffirm our commitment to growing our presence within Asia Pacific’s listed structured products industry. Thanks to our innovative strength and state-of-the-art technology, we can rapidly enter new markets and serve new target groups with our expertise and offering”.



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Important Risk Warning The price of Structured Products generally may fall in value as rapidly as they may rise and you should be prepared to sustain a significant or total loss of the purchase price of the Structured Products. You should ensure that you understand the nature and risks and seek professional advice where applicable.