Vontobel launches multi-issuer platform 'mein-zertifikat.at' for the purchase of investment certificates in Austria.

Media Release 6/12/2018
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With 'mein-zertifikat.at' – Vontobel's virtual platform for investment certificates – investors in Austria can create their own customized certificates and receive product offers from two issuers, Vontobel and HSBC, in real time. This eliminates the time-consuming search for their desired product within the broad investment universe. In addition, 'mein-zertifikat.at' now allows investors to trade a product on the stock market within minutes of it being ordered.

From June 12, 2018, investors in Austria will be able to use the digital platform 'mein-zertifikat.at' after completing a one-time registration. In a few steps, they can create their own certificate during trading hours, order it at the click of a mouse and invest in it on the stock markets within around 15 minutes. This solution eliminates the need to search for products: within a short period of time, investors will have their desired product within their portfolio – instead of having to wait for overnight settlement.

In addition to offering easy access for self-directed investors, the platform can support advisors, banks and asset managers in meeting the regulatory requirements that apply in the area of investment advisory. When creating products, advisors can produce a range of documentation 'on the fly' and use it in advisory discussions in order to meet all their regulatory duties – and all this can be achieved virtually in real time.

Following registration at www.mein-zertifikat.at, the offering can be used free of charge and without any purchase obligation. Users of 'mein-zertifikat.at' will initially be able to create and order four types of products: discount certificates, bonus cap certificates, reverse convertibles and 'Protect' reverse convertibles from the two issuers HSBC Trinkaus and Vontobel.

"We firmly believe that digital offerings will become an integral part of the certificates business in future – both for private and professional investors," stated Roger Studer, Head of Vontobel Investment Banking. "Following launches in Switzerland and Germany, the rollout in Austria is the next logical step forward in Vontobel's European platform strategy for structured products. The goal of that strategy is to systematically expand the range of certificates we offer in Europe," Studer added.

The certificates markets in Austria and Germany are closely linked, since trading, settlement and data streams essentially have the same structures. As a result, Austrian investors can access a large proportion of the more than 1.5 million products in the German market.

Vontobel is the leading issuer of certificates in Switzerland and ranks among the top-4 issuers in Germany. Vontobel has been active in the Austrian structured investment products and leverage products market since 2008. More recently, in August 2016, Vontobel triggered a paradigm change in Germany's structured products market with the launch of 'mein-zertifikat.de'. More than 5,600 investment advisors, asset managers and, in particular, private investors already make intensive use of mein-zertifikat.de. To date, they have purchased more than EUR 85 million of products on the stock markets and have submitted over 15,000 product requests. On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – a cooperation partner of mein-zertifikat.de – self-created products are generally available for trading within a matter of minutes. The platform 'mein-zertifikat.at' is being launched as a multi-issuer platform with an identical set-up to the platform in Germany. Investors in Austria can thus now also benefit from Vontobel's expertise and experience with electronic platforms.

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