Actively managed investment funds and mandate solutions

You can take advantage of our investment expertise through a whole range of different products. Institutional clients can choose from funds, mandates and, in some cases, specific regional solutions. Deciding on the most suitable product depends on the size of assets available for investment, as well as your place of domicile and specific requirements. Depending on domicile, we can offer private investors fund solutions incorporated in Luxembourg or Switzerland.


"Long-term and stable client relationships are our goal."

Marko Röder, Head of Global Sales


In Focus

Discover investment themes that provide the common threads of strategy and have long-term relevance for investors.



Sustainability and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) principles are firmly embedded in our culture. We live these values through our conduct and commitment to the common good.

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Asset Backed Securities

As pioneers in the ABS market, key members of the TwentyFour team have been involved in the European ABS markets since its first securitizations in the late 1980s.

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