Vontobel Digital Investing - the digital access for private investors. With Digital Investing’s online platforms and mobile apps, investing becomes an exciting experience.

Whether you want to have your investments managed by specialists or manage your portfolio yourself with structured products - with Digital Investing both options are possible.

Digital Investing offers a comprehensive portfolio of investment solutions for private individuals, ranging from themes and trends to investment and leveraged products and broadly diversified and actively managed portfolios.


derinet – guiding you through the world of structured products

derinet will help you find your way through the world of structured products. Take a look at our comprehensive product range.

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Leverage Investments: An optimal product for every market expectation

Leverage products give you a disproportionally good opportunity to participate in market fluctuations or hedge against any market corrections. Leverage products are also a suitable portfolio supplement for optimization.

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Vontobel and Nova Futura: the start of a promising journey

Tradition, family influenced, consistency. Values that define Vontobel. For almost 100 years. Values that also reflect Nova Futura. So what belongs together, comes together. We are convinced that we can combine the strengths of both worlds and offer the best to our clients.

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