“Think of early retirement in scenarios – that creates options.” — live stream

Livestreams , Insights , Coronavirus , Wealth & Pension Planning 5/20/2020
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Our wealth planning experts answer the 5 most common questions about early retirement

Find out what to look out for when retiring early – in general and especially now during Corona times. Plus: a handy checklist that shows 12 mile­stones towards retirement, as well as further links on the topic “financial future”.

At a glance:

  • When is the right time for early retirement?
  • Does early retirement make sense if you have just lost your job?
  • Has early retirement become more popular due to Corona?
  • What income gaps can arise – and how to close them?
  • Annuity vs. lump sum: What to consider when withdrawling my pension fund?
  • Conversion rates are falling in Switzerland – does it make even more sense to retire earlier?



Replay of this live stream (in German):

What to expect in this 30' video: Understand in simple, clear words how to tackle early retirement properly. Our wealth planning experts provide an insight into their experiences and rules of thumb - and they reveal how much more or less taxes can result from annuity vs. lump sum withdrawal. © Vontobel, recorded on May 29, 2020, 2 p.m.


“Best of” live streams

Learn how the Corona virus affects the economy and the global markets. Our experts analyse the “Coronavirus Market Impact” by focusing on top topics such as:

  • gold (and other commodities)
  • swiss equities
  • alternative investments
  • and more


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It’s never too early to scroll towards your pension.

You cannot predict the future. But thinking in scenarios keeps options open.

until your pension
What’s worth to have a look at?

–10 yr.

Set personal goals Create an overview of the total assets*, in­come and ex­pens­es Review your tax sit­ua­tion and, e.g. plan tax-ef­fec­tive in­vest­ments sensibly
–8 yr. Arrange com­pa­ny suc­ces­sion Check and make pen­sion fund pur­chas­es
–6 yr. Plan your housing and debt situation long-term Ex­am­ine the pen­sion scheme’s claims and options in detail **  
–4 yr. Sched­ule split with­draw­al of re­tire­ment assets (1st pillar, 2nd pillar, 3rd pillar) Decision annuity / lump sum from pension fund  
–2 yr. Re­struc­tur­ing of assets Plan­ning the trans­fer of wealth  
–1 yr. Verify non-em­ployed con­tri­bu­tions to AHV (OASI)    


* For example liquidity, investments, real estate, pension schemes, participations, etc.

** E.g. pension conversion rates, savings contributions, bridging pension, partial retirement, death, etc.


Financial and Pension Planning for CH-domiciled Clients

Think of tomorrow today. Our financial and pension planning is founded on an understanding of your situation in life. What are your objectives? And what concerns do you have?

Get comprehensive advice on your financial future


What retire­ment benefits can you expect to receive? And how can you opti­mize them?

Pension planning

What projects and invest­ments would you like to realize in the future? How will they affect your income and wealth situ­ation?

What is the optimal structure for your assets as a whole, including your 2nd and 3rd pillar pension assets? And what other aspects need to be consid­ered?


  Projects & invest­ments  

Tax planning

How do you opti­mize your current tax posi­tion? And what factors should be taken into account in the future?

Real estate

What do your current and future housing needs look like? What is the optimal borrow­ing rate for you?

  Estate planning  
  Who will be your beneficiaries upon your death? What options do you have to shape your estate plan according to your wishes?  

For us, “holistic wealth planning” means: In a free consultation, we look at your individual situation and identify any areas that could be optimized. These form the basis for providing you with financial and pension consulting.


Let our experts advise you without any obligation.


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Tobias Vinzent

Head of Wealth Planning

Tobias Vinzent runs the Wealth Planning department with various expert teams in financial and pension planning, estate and tax planning as well as foundations and accounting. He passed the examination to become a federally certified SME financial expert and certified financial planner. Tobias Vinzent also has a CAS in applied psychology and a Master’s in Advanced Studies in Swiss Finance (concentration: Wealth Management).






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