ZertifikateAwards 2019/2020: Vontobel impresses expert jury by its variety, quality and service

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11/27/2019 Reading time: 2 minute(s)

Vontobel confirmed the upwards trend of recent years. After coming in fourth two years ago, and taking third place a year ago, Vontobel reached second place in the jury’s overall ranking this year.


Roman Przibylla, Nicole Wittmann, Stefan Armbruster and Heiko Geiger (left to right)
Credit: Thomas Ecke, ZertifikateAwards 2019/2020

For Vontobel this second place in the jury’s overall ranking represents solid confirmation of the upwards trend of recent years, when the team worked its way up to fourth place and then to third. And that’s not all: Having been awarded 211 points by the jury, Vontobel is closer to the victor DZ Bank than any other award winner in the last two years.

Leading awards for structured product providers

The Zertifikate Awards are the leading awards for the best providers and products in the German market for structured products. While the public awards are assigned via an online survey, the remaining awards are given out based on the independent judgment of an expert jury, composed of some 30 specialist journalists, product decision-makers and asset managers, as well as representatives from academia and consultancy firms.

First place in two categories

The jury analyses the performance of the issuers in ten categories. Vontobel scored wins in two individual categories (Reverse Convertible and Participation) and came in third in the Express Certificates and Investor Service categories.

In the Reverse Convertible category, the jury’s verdict is unambiguous: The best provider of Reverse Convertibles has been and remains Vontobel. With 57 points this year, the title-defender scored exactly the same number of points as the the second and third-placed contenders added together. Giving its reasons for the award, the jury stated that Vontobel offers a more varied range of products in this segment than any other provider.

Bitcoin, etc. attract attention

In the Participation category, Vontobel offers one of the most spectacular ranges of simple participation securities. This is of course primarily due to the trackers on Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, with which the issuer attracted a lot of attention, which remains the case, including in the jury. The bank is also pursuing other trends and provides interested investors with sensible und well implemented investment opportunities, such as the Belt and Road Initiative, according to the jury.

In the case of Investor Service, Vontobel scored particularly well with a very good supply of information, going far beyond simple product details and throwing light on investment backgrounds across various formats.

Other high points which merit a mention include the multi-issuer platforms, where certificates can be created to suit your own requirements, and the fact that not only in-house products can be found there, but also offers from the affiliated competitors to which Vontobel opens up its doors.


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