SFDR - Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

An overview of our approach

Vontobel has a Sustainable Investing and Advisory Policy which describes how Vontobel integrates sustainability risks and principal adverse sustainability impacts in its investment decisions and advisory services. In particular, the policy explains our rationale, objectives, governance structure and how we implement these across our business divisions. The policy already addresses the level 1 expectations, and Vontobel is currently evaluating how subsequent regulatory technical standards (RTS) can be integrated. This policy was issued in 2019 and updated in March 2021 to be in conformity with Article 3 and Article 4 of the Regulation (EU) 2019/2088.


Sustainable Investing and Advisory Policy

Learn more about our principles around sustainable investing. The policy explains more about how we integrate sustainability risks and how we consider principal adverse impacts in our investment processes. 

Sustainable Investing and Advisory policy

PAI Statement


Remuneration Policy

Find out how we integrate sustainability considerations into our remuneration policy.

Vontobel's group-wide remuneration policy



More details regarding regional remuneration policies can be found here:

BVED Remuneration Policy (Germany)

SIM Remuneration Policy (Italy)

Vontobel Asset Management SA remuneration policy (EU)


For more information on how Vontobel Asset Management and Vontobel Wealth Management address sustainability considerations, visit their dedicated SFDR pages.