We have a range of innovative platforms designed to provide support and services to our various client bases. In this way, we can make our broad expertise available to private individual investors as well as institutional clients.



Transaction Banking

Take advantage of our comprehensive and customizable execution platform and security services. We tailor our modular offerings to address emerging challenges and to deliver bespoke B2B solutions. We add sustainable value, monitor compliance with regulatory requirements and reduce your costs. So that you can concentrate on what you do best.

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deritrade is a globally leading, multi-issuer platform for designing and issuing bespoke structured products in our fully integrated one-stop-shop. It enables professional financial services providers to create investment solutions, which are tailored to the requirements of their clients, in only four steps. Investment volume starts at CHF 10,000 or equivalent and binding quotes can be obtained from multiple issuers.

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Our platform for external asset managers offers you a fully integrated and centralized products and services platform covering everything from accessing Vontobel research and investment ideas, transactions and trading to generating reports. It also opens up the world of structured products via deritrade.

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Vontobel’s user-friendly cosmofunding is the first, fully automated money and capital market platform in Switzerland on which private and institutional borrowers and investors are put in direct contact with one another. With Vontobel specialists providing support throughout the entire lifecycle. Upcoming investment or financing needs and want to save documentation work? Get more information here.

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