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Our offering is geared towards addressing the new challenges that are emerging. In fulfilling our service commitment we deliver bespoke solutions throughout the value chain, thus adding sustainable value for you as a client while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

B2B Desk for Electronic Sales Trading (PDF)

Tailored Swiss made services for banks

From multi asset electronic trading solutions (equities, bonds, structured products, FX, ETD) to global custody, settlement, clearing, and tax reclaim: execution and security services are at the core of what we offer. Financial regulations such as MiFID II and FIDLEG as well as technical challenges with trading architectures, smart order routing and higher STP rates, TCA and Big Data have become essential topics for successful business models. As a key element of our business, we offer one of the most complete and customizable execution platform and security services on the market. We ensure that our clients can refocus on what they do best.

Why Electronic Trading Solutions with Vontobel?

We process the flow of more than 125 banks resp. asset managers, our asset management, wealth management and hedging flow of our structured products. That led us to invest in the latest technology, a large number of exchange membership, and in an algo development team. In addition, we doubled the number of relationship managers and trading access staff over the past two years. Furthermore, all our modular offerings are tailored to your needs. We reduce your costs and you gain access to our state-of-the-art infrastructure. Vontobel as a single point of contact guarantees support from Switzerland, be it support in the detailed Transaction Cost Analysis on a monthly aggregated or per trade basis, client reports and best execution proofs for all asset classes or simplified emulation processes in trading. Let us talk about what you need.


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Head of Sales Electronic Trading Solutions, Technology and Services

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