volt by Vontobel: The new investment app offering private banking-level service and personal advice

5/12/2022 Reading time: 3 minute(s)

  • Strategic platform: Additional driver of growth for Vontobel in the area of digital investing
  • New offering for affluents in Switzerland: Investment app with private banking-level service and personal advice
  • Comprehensive expertise: 300 investment experts, 90 years of experience, access to advisors
  • Customized offering: Investment solutions tailored to the needs of affluents
  • Unique entry point: Access to the world of Vontobel – from only CHF 25,000

Vontobel has further developed its existing platform and is launching volt by Vontobel – the first offering of its kind in the market: This investment app for the affluent client segment delivers private banking-level service combined with the option of personal advice. Affluent clients can thus access digital investment services that would otherwise only be available to very wealthy clients. Vontobel is thus establishing a category of investment apps and is driving the growth of its digital investing business.

volt by Vontobel: The strategic growth platform in Vontobel’s digital investing offering

volt by Vontobel can best be described as “Private Banking Reloaded”. The global investment firm has always been a first mover in terms of technology innovations, as is demonstrated by its pioneering digital solutions and numerous awards – but also by its annual investments in technology of around CHF 40 million.

With volt by Vontobel, the investment firm has created a category of investment apps and is opening up a new client segment in the area of digital investing. “Affluents are increasingly being overlooked by traditional wealth managers,” stated Toby Triebel, Head Digital Investing and a Member of the Global Executive Board of Vontobel. “With our hybrid approach, we are giving this target group access to digital investment services at private banking level, combined with Vontobel quality.”

volt becomes volt by Vontobel: A completely refreshed app featuring the latest technology

Affluents have so far had to rely on robo advisors or do everything themselves using self-service apps. This reflects the fact that while they have different needs to retail clients, they are all too often treated in the same way – and they do not receive the level of service they desire from wealth managers. The hybrid approach taken by volt by Vontobel brings together the best of both worlds by combining personal advice and extensive expertise with the very latest technology. The app enables clients to benefit from the knowhow of 300 investment specialists and, at the same time, gives them direct access to experienced advisors and Vontobel’s more than 90 years of investment expertise. With volt by Vontobel, clients can discover the world of Vontobel starting from a recommended minimum of CHF 25,000 of investable assets.

volt by Vontobel encompasses the extensive experience and tradition of a globally active and listed investment firm that was founded on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich around 100 years ago and is still majority owned by the Vontobel families and the charitable Vontobel Foundation. volt by Vontobel was developed and is managed in Switzerland. Security, reliability, stability and the highest quality are its hallmarks – both in terms of its advisory offering and technology.

Since the Vontobel app Volt® was launched in 2019, Vontobel has systematically used all of the insights it has gathered in order to further develop its service offering and technology. volt by Vontobel has been completely refreshed and enhanced with significantly expanded functions:

  • Personal investment advisory, whenever and however clients require it.
  • Depending on their preferences, clients can choose between a ready-to-invest portfolio structured by our experts and an individually selected portfolio to meet their specific preferences and needs.  
  • The entire basic portfolio is ESG certified and completely sustainable (Article 8 of the EU SFDR - Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation).
  • A fully refreshed design ensures maximum user-friendliness.
  • The status program “volt access” allows clients to benefit from exclusive services and advice – including an individual financial check-up and dedicated contacts.
  • Clients can add alternative investments – gold, real estate or hedge funds – to their portfolio, as is usual with professional investment strategies.

Continued expansion to create a one-stop shop for all investment needs

“An ambitious Feature Roadmap has been developed for the further development of the offering. This is how we intend to transform volt by Vontobel into a one-stop shop for all investment needs,” Toby Triebel explained.

volt by Vontobel gives clients access to global financial markets and a digital world with attractive investment opportunities through “volt invest”. With “volt 3a”, they can access a modern Pillar 3a pension solution. Clients who use volt by Vontobel were and will remain a key part of its development. Their feedback is incorporated into the ongoing enhancement of the offering. A further solution – “volt trade” – is set to be launched soon, benefiting all discerning clients.

Note to editors: Further information about volt by Vontobel can be found at: https://volt.vontobel.com