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Vontobel releases results from its Annual General Meeting

Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR
Media release

Published on 09.04.2024 CEST

  • Shareholders approved all proposals at the Annual General Meeting
  • Stable dividend of CHF 3.00 per share approved
  • All members of Board of Directors proposed for re-election confirmed in office
  • Kristine Braden, Annika Falkengren, and Mary Pang elected as new Board of Directors members


In total, 87.28 percent of shares with voting rights were represented at today’s ordinary Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) of Vontobel Holding AG (2023 AGM: 87.52 percent).

Vontobel’s shareholders approved all the Board of Directors’ proposals. This included the first-time election of Kristine Braden, Annika Falkengren, and Mary Pang to the Board of Directors. The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Andreas E.F. Utermann, as well as other members standing for re-election, including Bruno Basler, Dr. Maja Baumann, Dr. Elisabeth Bourqui, David Cole, Stefan Loacker and Björn Wettergren, were confirmed for a term in office until the next AGM by a large majority. Shareholders also re-elected Andreas E.F. Utermann, Bruno Basler and Björn Wettergren as members of the Nomination and Compensation Committee, with Annika Falkengren appointed as a new member of this Committee for a one-year term.

Furthermore, the shareholders approved the annual and consolidated financial statements for 2023, the report on non-financial matters (sustainability report) 2023 and granted discharge to the members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee for the financial year 2023. The compensations (or compensation elements) of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee were also approved. Vontobel holds a consultative vote on the Compensation Report, which was approved by shareholders. The shareholders also re-elected the proposed independent proxy as well as the external auditors.

The proposed dividend of CHF 3.00 per share was also approved. Vontobel offers a stable dividend, corresponding to a payout ratio of 78 percent. Based on the closing price of the Vontobel share of CHF 54.50 as of December 29, 2023, this represents an attractive dividend yield of 5.5 percent.

“It was a pleasure to welcome our shareholders today. Their unwavering trust and support inspire us to continuously strive for excellence. This year marks our 100th anniversary, which is a testament to our adaptability and commitment to excellence. Over the last century, we have faced a myriad of different challenges, including economic, technological, and geopolitical. Yet, we embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation,” says Andreas E.F. Utermann. “The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are aligned, and committed to prudent governance and strategic decision-making, ensuring that the interests of our shareholders are at the heart of all our decisions both now and in the future,” concludes Utermann.


Further information regarding our Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be published on our website by tomorrow.

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