Precision farming on the rise: How agricultural robots increase yields

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6/21/2021 Reading time: 1 minute(s)
Ein Spielzeug-Roboter mit Gartenschaufel illustriert: Investitionen in Precision-Farming-Roboter sind willkommen, um fehlende Arbeitskräfte zu kompensieren

Even if farmers would like to see “swarms of robots” helping to manage their crops: Initial costs are still high. Innovative pricing models such as “Robots as a Service” promise to provide a remedy here. © Getty


Thanks to robotics, weeding is back in fashion – a report on the agricultural workers of the third millennium

Their names are Dick, Tom and Harry and they are electronic farm workers who will help farmers to cultivate their fields more efficiently in the future. What makes them so special? With their nimble “hands” they literally get to the root of agricultural problems – and thus protect the environment.