“The world upside down” — 6 challenges for investors “after Corona”

Insights, Coronavirus, Geopolitik, Vermögen & Vorsorge
6/12/2020 Reading time: 1 minute(s)
Das Bild zeigt ein junges Mädchen rücklings auf dem Sofa liegend. Den Kopf lässt sie über die Kante herunterhängen und spielt dabei kopfüber auf dem Smartphone.

From gold to oil to public debts: As a result of the Corona shock, numerous market changes were hitting the headlines. Cutting through the noise of short-term volatility, our view is that investors able to take active management decisions should be able to identify the long-term winners and avoid the losers. Discover in this white paper six topics that we expect will drive changes in the investment landscape.

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