Video tour of the exhibition “A New Gaze 2”

Insights, Nachhaltige Wertschöpfung
3/25/2019 Reading time: 1 minute(s)

Co-curators Urs Stahel and Luisa Baselgia take a look behind the scenes

Through April 5, 2019, Vontobel will be showing the art exhibition "Babysitting a Shark in a Coldroom" by the award-winning, up-and-coming photographer Kelvin Haizel at the bank's head office in Zurich. In this video tour of the exhibition, co-curators Urs Stahel and Luisa Baselgia explain the backstories that shape Haizel's creative work: a “tour d'horizon” of a place where tropical idyll and migration policy are colliding – unfiltered.