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The next 100 years

Why resource scarcity will change the way we invest


Published on 31.05.2024 CEST

What are the forces that will shape market dynamics in the future?

In his white paper, our Chief Economist, Reto Cueni, explores one of the key factors that could lead to major shifts in global power over the next few decades and transform the way we approach long-term investing: The competition for resources enters the next round.

When resources become scarce, the regions and countries that control access to them gain influence. When multiple countries control different resources in demand, interdependencies between countries increase. When the demand for multiple resources changes simultaneously on a global scale, shifts in geopolitical power occur, and the market is disrupted. Proven investment strategies may no longer be effective, and predictions based on the past may not hold true.

The Quest for Resources” examines which resources are of geopolitical importance today, which countries and regions have access to these resources, and how the resulting global order may evolve over the next few decades, affecting resource prices and thus financial markets and investing.


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