Insights & Trends in Geneva

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20/11/2018 Temps de lecture: 1 minute(s)

On 15 November, nearly 90 guests, clients and prospects of Vontobel in Geneva and Lausanne, gathered at the Hôtel des Bergues for the "Insights & Trends" conference, the last edition of the year, Wealth Management's conference series dedicated to investment prospects.

Presented by Lars Kalbreier, CIO Wealth Management, the conference focused on market perspectives and megatrends. Our strategist explained his views and recommendations with regard to the macroeconomic context and, in the second part, presented the main underlying trends that need to be considered and that are likely to transform society. Indeed, humanity is facing profound changes that will mark economic development throughout the world. Demographics and the growth of megacities require new solutions and innovations in the fields of infrastructure, agriculture and health in particular. The preservation of raw materials and resources is gradually becoming a global mission. These megatrends represent not only huge challenges, but also opportunities that must be exploited and that Lars Kalbreier explained last Thursday.

After the conference, relationship managers and clients were able to continue the discussions over a cocktail.


Vontobel Megatrends

The Vontobel “Megatrend” model helps investors to keep their eyes on the future. The model is based on three pillars that, in our view, represent the societal changes we are currently experiencing: demographic change, the emergence of a multipolar world order, and rules for responsible business practices.

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