Power of Diversity

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03/07/2019 Temps de lecture: 2 minute(s)

By striking the right balance, gender diversity at various levels of management can improve management outcomes, ensure healthier balance sheets, and drive innovation of new products and services. Numerous studies have shown that in the past, companies with women in their management teams have often outperformed those without, in terms of both profitability and growth.

Harnessing the power of diversity for higher GDP growth and more profitable companies

Gender equality exerts a large impact on the global economy. By 2025, total GDP could be USD 28 trillion larger – equal to the GDP of the USA and China combined – if all the gender equality gaps can be closed by then (Source: McKinsey Global Institute).

Companies exercising gender diversity are characterized by:

  1. high probability of radical innovation related to their products and services, thanks to gender-diverse research & development teams
  2. profitability and strong growth, with a good mix of leadership skills
  3. risk-conscious business practices and financially sound balance sheets, especially during times of economic crisis.

Thanks to board diversity and women in senior management positions, these companies also benefit from strong corporate governance. Studies show that companies with women in top management outperformed those without in terms of higher return on equity, higher average sales growth, higher share price/book value, and more solid balance sheets. Moreover, various studies show that companies with greater representation of women in their management teams are more resilient during financial crises. Companies with high gender diversity typically also pay higher dividends.

The "Power of Diversity" is based on transparent selection criteria

The following criteria are relevant for us when considering whether a company qualifies as equality-oriented, in particular the first two:

  • Of the CEO and CFO positions, at least one is occupied by a woman
  • Women make up at least 25% of the Board of Directors
  • Women are well represented in senior management overall
  • Compliance with the "Women's Empowerment Principles"
  • Equal treatment regarding salaries, career planning and flexible work options


Source: Vontobel

Integration & Diverstity at Vontobel

We believe in equal opportunity and commitment, which are driving our efforts toward integration and diversity. We are creating a culture in which every individual can make a difference, no matter his or her gender or origin.

That is why

  • we are hiring more women, especially in leadership positions.
  • we are hiring diverse talents
  • we give all our employees the same development opportunities


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