Successful investing – even in turbulent times.

Videos, Coronavirus, Wealth & Pension Planning
28/05/2020 Temps de lecture: 1 minute(s)

Huge stock profits, SMI on record high, worldwide optimism. It was once upon a time – in 2019. Currently we are in the most difficult time since the global financial crisis. However, in order to seize the opportunities presented by the crisis, keep a cool head instead of panicking.


Have a look at the Livestream Replay from our investment expert on the topic of "Smart Diversification".

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Our investment philosophy

In the Vontobel 3ɑ Investment Philosophy®, the main pillar – the first alpha – is broad diversification, meaning that your assets are spread across several types of investments. This makes a robust asset allocation across different asset classes and currencies possible, and also reduces the typical risks associated with traditional asset classes.

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