Easter Miniseries: Easter Bunny beats Santa

Insights 18/04/2019
Temps de lecture: 1 minute(s)

Retailers look forward to it all year: In no other week do consumers buy more confectionary than in the weeks around Easter. To mark the occasion, here are a few fun facts and stories.

10.5 kg

Santa’s sweet but the Easter Bunny’s sweeter: When it comes to chocolate, Easter is the clear winner. During the holiday, the Swiss consume an average of half a kilo of chocolate goodies. Consumption per head over the course of the year is also remarkable: With 10.5 kg we’re world champions.

From an Easter Bunny to a Santa

The rumor persists, but it’s actually untrue: Unsold Easter Bunnies and eggs are not melted down and recycled. Instead, they are offered at reduced prices after Easter, sold cheaply to employees and given away to charitable organizations.

16 million

This is how many Easter Bunnies are for sale in Switzerland in the days before Easter.


For the murder scene in the shower in the classic movie “Psycho”, director Alfred Hitchcock used not fake blood, but rather chocolate syrup from the brand Bosco. This simply looked more realistic in the black and white movie.

Chocolate pizza

Last year, manufacturer Dr. Oetker launched its chocolate pizza, with the melodious name “Pizza Dolce al Cioccolato”. No data on sales figures have been released.