We are up for interesting months ahead

CIO Update 06/09/2018 de Lars Kalbreier
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We continue to stick to our scenario "Goldilocks Again". While the trade spat still has not been resolved, investors have grown accustomed to it. Especially the US seems mainly unaffected by the ongoing trade dispute, and posts impressive earnings. We believe that a market correction will unfold one day, yet this will still take a while. In light of the ongoing troubled markets, diversification is key in order to be well-positioned. Overall, the divergence in global growth that we could observe in the past months is likely to stay.

The bull run will continue, at least for a while

Despite the longest US bull run in history, we believe that a correction will unfold one day. However, neither investor euphoria nor extreme valuations are currently at correction level. Meanwhile, one can observe that the effect of interest rates starts to kick in. What should we expect?


Economic outlook and our investment strategy

While Turkey is nibbling on homemade problems, the US is indulging in a stellar earnings season.