“Cushing Oklahoma: Where oil prices died” — live stream #7

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22/04/2020 Tempo di lettura: 1 minuti

Dan Scott, Chief Investment Officer, answers current questions on the topic

What does Cushing in Oklahoma, USA have to do with the oil price? Find out why storage tanks drove the oil price below zero. And how the corona virus affected the oil market.

7 key questions at a glance:

  • Who determines oil prices in the market?

  • What types of oil exist – and why is it that West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is reacting so strongly to the shutdown?

  • What measures would help stabilize the oil price?

  • Who are the “supermajors” in the market and how can these oil companies survive?

  • Which sectors are particularly exposed to the oil price – or might even benefit?

  • What are the connections between oil prices, share prices and recession?

  • Will trends such as Sustainable Investing (ESG) experience a new upswing as US oil prices tanked into negative territory?

Follow in this 30' replay video current market assessments of the oil price and a Q&A session with private investors. © Vontobel, recorded on April 22, 2020, 1:30 p.m.


Porträtaufnahme von Dan Scott, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) im Vontobel Wealth Management und früherer TV-Moderator für CNBC sowie regelmässiger Mitarbeiter des Wall Street Journal

Dan Scott

Head Multi Asset

Dan Scott vanta oltre 20 anni di esperienza nel mercato dei capitali in tutte le classi di attività e in tutti i mercati. Prima di raggiungere Vontobel nel 2017 come Deputy CIO e Head of the Investment Office, ha lavorato per molti anni presso Credit Suisse e Kepler Equities. Nato a Rheinfelden, in Svizzera, Dan Scott ha iniziato la sua carriera come giornalista finanziario alla fine degli anni '90, prima presso Dow Jones e poi presso la CNBC a Francoforte e Zurigo.




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