“After Corona, selective Emerging Market investments could pay off” — live stream

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World upside down—six investment challenges “after Corona”

The coronavirus has changed our life. The pandemic directs our gaze to countries and industries that are badly affected, but also to those that will be well positioned on the side of the winners. Our investment experts analyze the six major challenges for investors “after Corona”.

  • Top topics at a glance
    • Who will benefit as globalization unwinds?
    • How to allocate between the US and China?
    • How to safely descend the debt mountain?
    • Which countries are most resilient?
    • Will we see a green or brown recovery?
    • Where to find returns?
  • About our experts

    Frank Häusler

    Chief Strategist

    Nel 2018 Frank Häusler è entrato a far parte di Vontobel Asset Management in veste di Head of Macroeconomic & Cross-Asset-Research. Nel 2019 ha assunto il ruolo di Chief Strategist e a metà del 2020 è diventato responsabile degli investimenti tematici nel Wealth Management. In qualità di Chief Investment Strategist monitora la strategia d’investimento ed è membro con diritto di voto dell’Asset Allocation Committee.

    Prima di entrare a far parte del team Vontobel, dal 2014 al 2018 è stato Chief Investment Officer presso Marcuard Family Office e ha lavorato nell’Investment Advisory Board di un grande US Family Office. Dal 2009 al 2013 è stato operativo presso la banca privata Wegelin e la relativa società subentrante, 1741 Asset Management.

    Frank Häusler si è laureato in matematica presso il Politecnico Federale di Zurigo.


    Sven Schubert

    Head of Strategy Currencies

    Dr. Sven Schubert is a Senior Investment Strategist in the Multi Asset Investments department of Vontobel. He joined Vontobel Asset Management in July 2011 as Currency Specialist and Economist for Emerging Markets.

    Prior to joining Vontobel, he worked for over 6 years at Credit Suisse Private Banking, among others as Emerging Markets and FX Strategist. In the beginning of 2005 he joined the PhD program of Credit Suisse and worked as Emerging Markets Economist.

    From 2000 to 2004, he worked in various positions for Dresdner Bank, DIW (German Institute of Economic Research) and the Max-Planck-Institute. Dr. Sven Schubert started his career with an apprenticeship at Dresdner Bank in 1997.

    Dr. Sven Schubert holds a Masters degree and PhD in Economics from the Free University of Berlin.



Replay of this expert talk (in German):

What to expect in this video (in German)
: Frank Häusler, Chief Strategist Vontobel Asset Management, and Dr. Sven Schubert, Head of Strategic Currencies, analyze the six major challenges for investors “after Corona”. © Vontobel, recorded on June 19, 2020, 8 a.m.




Understand 6 foreseeable challenges for investors in the “world upside down” that Covid-19 has left us.

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