Active portfolio management for optimal returns

Exploiting short-term deviations from the benchmark

Would you like to take advantage of the opportunities arising from short-term deviations from the benchmarks? With the Active Portfolio mandate, our investment specialists aim to achieve higher returns against indices and standards. All while you determine the investment strategy yourself – in line with your needs and preferences.

Global investments and diversified asset classes

Is it active portfolio management that you seek? Depending on the investment strategy, we will invest for you in different global markets and asset classes. Based on your goals, these could include short-term investments, bonds, equities with a specific theme or regional focus, as well as alternative investments ranging from hedge funds and precious metals to commodities and real estate investments.

You give us the direction

With our active investment philosophy, our aim for you is to outperform the relevant benchmark. You define the overarching strategy, choosing the profile that is right for you: a portfolio focused on security, or one that is conservative, balanced, offensive or growth-oriented. If you want a mandate focused on sustainability-oriented securities, you can choose that as well. The same applies to the passive or active implementation of your mandate using investment funds.

We take over the portfolio’s active management

According to your investment strategy and current situation, we decide on asset allocation, currencies, securities and time horizon. An investment committee determines whether under- or overweighting specific investment categories makes sense. In this way, your goals and needs are actively implemented on your behalf, without your having to worry about the day-to-day details of portfolio management.

Further information

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