Vontobel Advisory Services

Manage your assets with the support of an experienced partner.

You want to decide yourself how much to invest, when and where. However, to do this, you would like to benefit from the knowledge and recommendations of our analysts and investment specialists. In that case, our Investment Advisory is the right choice for you.

With our Investment Advisory, we actively support you in investing your assets, based on the investment strategy we define together. You receive individual investment ideas that are tailored to your portfolio and your goals, and you have access to the know-how and experience of our investment experts. Decisions about the final composition of your portfolio remain in your hands.

Vontobel Advisory Services
Vontobel Impulse
Vontobel Initiatives
Inspired by the Vontobel 3α investment philosophy

Thanks to our broad range of research and investment publications, your finger is always on the pulse of the markets. You also benefit from automatic portfolio monitoring, which enables you to spot deviations from the portfolio positions that had been defined.


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