Individual solutions for global diversification

Your personal situation determines the right strategy

Would you like to have an individual, cross-border solution, one which allows you to diversify without giving up control? Calling upon decades of competence and global experience, we can navigate and implement an appropriate solution for you.

Diversifying your assets across jurisdictions, investment classes and currencies is very important for you. Your personal Relationship Manager will advise and accompany you in your choice of individual solution, which is based on your goals and wishes and can be booked in Switzerland.

The agreed strategy will then be consistently implemented for you – and you will always be in control, whether personally, through your Relationship Manager, or through our online solution, with which you will have access to your portfolios and accounts at all times.

Your personal Relationship Manager will take care of all your concerns, confidently and with foresight – and keep you up to date.

Further information

Do you have any questions about our cross-boarder solution? We would be happy to give you more detailed information.

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