Spezifische Anlagekompetenzen

Well-designed investment products give you an excellent choice

Are you attracted by the speed and efficiency of investing by means of specific product solutions? Then you’ve come to the right place. Not only does Vontobel conceive and design outstanding investment products, but we also give you access to valuable sources of information to support you in your choice. As your investment partner with extensive competence in specific investment products and themes, we are happy to exchange views with you – so you can take quick action.

Some investors want a partner with specific competences. Vontobel's expertise in designing investment products, for example. Based on the areas you'd like to invest in, or the types of product you'd like to use to make these investments, we can provide you with concrete ideas and specific product solutions that you will find attractive and efficient.

What’s more, we will give you access to sources of information that will help you form a clear picture of the opportunities and support your decision. And through your personal Relationship Manager or via online access, we will be happy to exchange views about your ideas.

With this product-based approach, supported by the information we can provide, you are not only more confident in your decision but you also lose no time taking action on the market.

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