A New Gaze

Vontobel Contemporary Photography Prize

A New Gaze – a new perspective.  The sponsorship prize for young contemporary photography aims to open up new perspectives. We seek out talent and promote new photographic work.

The joint project from the Vontobel Arts Commission and freelance curator and consultant Urs Stahel extends our commitment to contemporary photography.

Each year, A New Gaze looks for photographers on a different continent who use their lens to reflect our current environment and open up new perspectives on a particular issue. With the support of those who know the local scene, we discover little-known talents. Vontobel enables the winner to realize the submitted project from concept through to exhibition. The prize is worth CHF 20,000.

A New Gaze 2017: Between imagination and reality

Eva O'Leary, 2 faced girl

Eva O'Leary, 2 faced girl (if you're going to be two faced at least make one of them pretty), 2016

Eva O'Leary, Redhead

Eva O'Leary, Redhead (Amie), 2015

In 2017, we gave the nominated artists the topic of security/insecurity. This is currently not only influencing changes in the financial sector, but also preoccupying the world on a socio-political level.

Eva O’Leary (*1989, USA) impressed the commission with her submission and received the chance to implement her project ‘Concealer’. O’Leary examines photography as a means of creating different realities in contemporary Western society. Her work is centered on the rhetoric of commercial photography, which constantly presents us with new, perfect realities and thereby unsettles our perception and inner state.

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