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About Vontobel

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Our greatest asset is your trust. Discover our commitment to our clients

Everyone is an investor

Whether it’s time, money, or attention: Every day, you invest capital in your goals. That’s investing. And that’s what we do at Vontobel.

We strive to help people put their financial capital to work. The actions of our 2000+ employees around the world are guided by one clear mission: To create and pursue opportunities for investors. This is how we aim to get our clients ahead.

At Vontobel, our goal is to shape the future

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Family-owned - since 1924

The majority of votes and capital are held by the Vontobel families. They enable us to stay on course and remain true to our strategy even in turbulent times. At the same time, as a listed company and FINMA supervised swiss bank, we comply with strict regulatory requirements and operate with maximum transparency.

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Solutions for your future

300 investment experts help you align your portfolio with your security needs. We are happy to help you align your investments exactly with your financial goals. Contact us for a free introductory consultation.

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Dedication to transparency

At Vontobel, we believe in empowering our clients through transparency. We are committed to ensure that every financial interaction is backed by open communication and clear terms. Our goal is to provide you with a clear view of your financial journey, so you can navigate it with confidence.

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Your safety, our priority

As a company built on foresight, responsibility and ownership, we understand that client protection is a guiding principle in a business relationship. A principle that allows both parties – you, as a client, and Vontobel as your service and solution provider – to better master the complexity of the future.

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Putting the power in your hands

At Vontobel, all our clients have one thing in common: They come to us for active investment solutions.

With our multi-boutique structure, we are able to offer distinct and independent financial solutions such as equities, fixed income and multi asset. A pioneer and leader in financial products, we also provide expertise in structured solutions. On top of that, we also offer a variety of wealth planning services.

We firmly believe that bringing all of these different aspects of investing together in one investment firm has made Vontobel a reliable partner for investors worldwide.

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Digital Investing

Digital Investing bundles different investment solutions for private investors either directly or via ecosystems. It will also focus on the successful end-client business with structured products and complement it with a broader investment perspective.