Art. 73 para. 2 FMIA requires Bank to offer indirect participants of a Swiss CSD (i.e. of SIX SIS) the possibility of omnibus client segregated  accounts or individual client segregated accounts. Furthermore, according to Art. 73 para. 4 FMIA, Bank shall publish the respective costs and specifics concerning the level of protection granted by different types of accounts.

Regulatory information obligations under Art. 73 FMIA

Legally required participation disclosure under Article 73 para. 4 FMIA

Segregation fee in accordance with article 73 of FinMIA

In accordance with Financial Market Infrastructure Act (FinMIA) Article 73, we give our client banks the option of having their securities kept separately with the central securities depository in a separately managed custody account.

We charge the following fee for this service:
CHF 2.00 per transaction, at least CHF 750.00 per month